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Welcome to the Granville County Online Summer Reading Program!

Photo by Robert Munteanu

This year we're trying something new! We will have both a paper version of the Summer Reading program and also a digital version.

Kids Summer Reading!

Age: Birth-6th Grade

Your Goal: Reach Level 5

How?: 1 Level = 2 Hours of Reading

Prizes: Every Level Gain a Prize!

Bonus: Complete 15 Bonus Activities & Win A Prize

Teen Summer Reading!

Age: 7th Grade-12th Grade

Your Goal: Earn Raffle Tickets for an Epic Drawing!

How?: 1 Raffle Ticket = 500 Pages of Reading

Prizes: Raffle Prizes Include Art Supplies and more!

Bonus: Earn Food Coupons for Every Book You Read!

Adult Summer Reading!

Age: 19+

Your Goal: Reach Level 20

How?: 1 Level = 2 Days of Reading (at least 15 min/day)

Prizes: Earn Bookmarks, Book Sale Coupons, Raffle Tickets, & More!

Bonus: Book Sale Coupons Can Also Be Used For $1 Fine Forgiveness

The paper version of the program can be picked up from Richard H. Thornton or South during curbside pickup, or any branch if we are able to reopen. We may also be able to mail a copy if you are unable to get out to the library. Please stay safe! We wish you a happy summer and a fun reading program!